Sax & DJ (Ibiza Style!)

Booking a sax player to play alongside your DJ is a great way to make sure your party is one that will be remembered!

I love the variety of working with different DJs and I'm happy playing anything in any style!  I like to jump on the dance floor and get in amongst it, and your guests will love the interactive excitement that you can only get from a live musician!

I offer performances of either two or three 40 minute sets and I'm happy to arrange set times in advance or just see how the evening unfolds.  I'm not a DJ and my fees don't include the cost of hiring a DJ, but I'm perfectly willing to play with whoever you choose to book, and I can provide recommendations if you wish.  The fees quoted below will apply to the vast majority of events in Kent (UK) but please get in touch for confirmation.  I am also able to perform elsewhere in the country and even worldwide but additional costs will apply.

2 x 40 minutes (or equivalent): £210
3 x 40 minutes (or equivalent): £260



Evening Entertainment Offer 

Book a Sax & DJ and an 'Entertainment & Background Music' solo sax package for the same day and benefit from a £100 discount!  
This offer can also be combined with the Solo Saxophone Offer to add up to a £200 discount!


Brand new for events in 2020 and beyond, I've recently finished fitting lights inside a sax so it looks like it's "flashing" in time to the music as I open and close the keys!  This makes for a pretty cool visual effect ... check out the photos and videos below for a sneak peak!

Choose My Sets:

Chill Out Set:

A chilled 40 minute set of 'Cafe Del Mar' and ambient, deep house grooves to create that holiday beach bar vibe.  This set includes instrumental dance remixes of some well known tracks and is a perfect mood setter for the start of the night whilst your guests are arriving.

Sax Feature Set:

40 minutes of classic Ibiza club and house tracks including Jubel ("Save Me"), The Man With The Red Face, Changes, Destination Calabria and many more, mixed up with some well known dance and club tunes.  This set is perfect as a party starter for early-ish in the evening.

Freestyle Set(s):

With the experience of thousands of gigs already under my belt, I'm happy for the DJ to do his/her thing and just see where the night takes us!  Any decent DJ will have already discussed their playlist with you in advance and I'll happily freestyle along with all your favourite tunes!

Sax & DJ Videos on INstagram

Clicking or tapping on one of the screenshots below will open the video in a new tab/window or the instagram app.  You can return to this screen by closing the new tab/window or switching back to this app.  You don't need to have an instagram account to watch these clips, but please give them a "like" if you do!