Frequently Asked Questions

How much would I pay upfront?
I always ask for a £45 booking fee to be paid when the contract is signed, and this is then deducted from the final balance owed.  If a client chooses to book a Solo Sax package as well as a Sax & DJ or Live Band package then a £45 booking fee is charged for each.


When would the balance be due?
The balance can be paid in cash on the day, by bank transfer at least seven days in advance or by cheque at least fourteen days in advance.  It is also possible to pay in a few instalments to spread the cost.


Can we choose what songs you play?
My Solo Saxophone and band repertoire lists are all available online and I'm always keen for my clients to pick out any songs or styles that they'd particularly like me to include.  In the case of Sax & DJ performances, it's usually best to discuss music choice with your DJ as he/she is mostly in charge of what we actually play!


Can we choose songs that aren't in your repertoire?
For Solo Saxophone performances it is usually possible for me to learn up to three new songs specially for a particular booking, but these requests are subject to approval and an additional charge (typically around £20 per request) as a contribution towards the time and cost involved in finding a backing track and memorising each song.  Arranging and rehearsing new songs with a band is a little more complex and time-consuming, however we do offer to learn and perform your first dance specially for you, free of charge.  I reserve the right to perform requests at other events as well.


Do you provide your own equipment?
Absolutely, and I will usually need access to a plug socket at the venue (ideally three or four plug sockets for band performances).  I have a 40 metre extension lead which I can use assuming I am able to run it safely, avoiding trip hazards, etc.  Please check with your venue if you're unsure about this.  I do also have a high quality battery powered speaker which is ideal for wedding ceremonies and other small performances, especially where mains power isn't easily available.


Do you have the necessary paperwork?
Yes, all my equipment is PAT tested where necessary and I am fully insured.  I'm also a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) which provides me with legal assistance and many other benefits as well.


Can we use your sound equipment for other things?
This is not usually a problem but please get in touch to discuss your requirements beforehand.  I'm sure you'll understand that I never allow anyone else to use the musical instruments, however microphones and other sound equipment can usually be used during intervals.


Do you play outside?
Yes, depending on the time of year and weather!  I will usually need safe access to power (or I can use my battery powered speaker for small Solo Saxophone performances), but please understand that I won't risk exposing any equipment to rain or high winds.  Please make sure you have a 'plan B' in place as bad weather would not be considered grounds for voiding your contract.


We'd like you to play during our ceremony and our reception but they're in different places.  Is this possible?
Anything's possible!  My equipment setup is extremely versatile but there may still be a short delay whilst I pack away at one location and travel to the second, so we'll need to look carefully at timings.  Please get in touch!


Do you travel outside Kent?
Travelling is no problem, but I usually have to charge more to cover expenses, time and possibly accommodation.  Please message me with the date, times and venue details and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Do you travel outside the country? 
Yes, but there are obviously more costs involved.  Please get in touch with as much information as possible and I'll provide a quote.


Can you recommend DJs, venues or other event suppliers?
Absolutely - please get in touch!